Our main focus at All-Pro Decking is to replace your worn out, rotten, possibly dangerous wood deck with a beautiful, super-low maintenance, long lasting composite deck. See the examples below. Click the photos for full-size images.



This was a standard south facing redwood deck that required restaining every couple of years. It had been well maintained but even so there was rot in the framing after only 7 years.


This is what the deck looked like after the removal of the old decking and our ”better than new” process. Note the old framing lumber has been treated with a preservative and the top surfaces are covered with Grace Ice and Water Shield®. This is all included in our base price.


This deck was redone with Trex Accents® in Saddle. The owner opted to save some money and not replace the vertical members of the railing, which were in good shape and will be painted. He now has a beautiful new deck from All-Pro Decking that will likely last at least 20 years, decking and framing, too.

The Redecking Process

When we arrive, we protect your house and yard as necessary, before disassembling your old decking. We remove and replace any rotten framing with Treater Seriers® (green building approved) kiln dried framing lumber. We treat any remaining framing with a preservative, replace or add any flashing as necessary, and protect the top surface of all of your framing with an ice and water shield roofing product. Then we install the new decking product that you have chosen.

We clean up thoroughly at the end of each working day and the end of the project, so that you hardly know we were there. Our friendly and professional crews work independently. We are fully insured and encourage you to ask for references.

Refinishing and Repairs

We know that it often it makes financial sense to get more time, where possible, out of your existing deck before going to the expense of replacement.

For minor repairs and all refinishing, we've partnered with Colorado Deck Master and Neill McKenzie. Colorado Deck Master does a great job with everything from powerwashing and sanding to staining and painting. Learn more at Then, when more substantial repairs are needed, All-Pro Decking is extremely skilled and experienced in doing any major structural repairs necessary on your deck.

So we have you covered either way, give us a call and we'll get your deck fixed up perfectly.

A Green Company

At All-Pro, being environmentally conscious is about minimizing our impact wherever and however possible. Our policy is to:

  • Reuse as much of your old deck framing as we can
  • Recycle as much of the removed wood as possible
  • Reframe your deck “better than new” to maximize the lifespan of your deck
  • Encourage the choice of recycled material decking products such as Trex® and EverGrain®

Better Than New

To help your deck last a good long time, we provide our “better than new” treatment process. We treat your reusable framing with a wood preservative, and protect the top edge of all framing with a roofing-quality ice-and-water shield. This ensures that your rebuilt deck will last substantially longer than a new deck built with standard construction industry practices.

Deck Replacement Experts

At All-Pro, we try to make the process of improving your old deck as easy for you as it can be. We arrive, assess and price your project, and show you samples of decking and railing options. When it’s all said and done your old, worn out deck has been replaced by a gorgeous, “better than new” deck that is ready for years and years of enjoyment.

Whether you use your deck primarily for grilling and outdoor dining, or just for relaxing and taking in the fresh air, your outdoor living space is yours again. And beautifully so.

Design Services

Every deck is different, so a budget for the design work that your project will require will be included in the pricing that we put together for you. We’re happy to work with you to come up with a deck design that suits your home and your tastes. When a permit is required, we include the cost of an engineer-stamped submittable set of plans.

While we can almost always put together a project that you’ll love, sometimes the deck needs to be integrated with a bigger vision requiring more custom  and/or unique design. We’ve worked for many years in varying capacities with Gettliffe Architecture in Boulder and cannot recommend them enough.

If you’re in need of wider exterior landscape design/build services than we offer, Boulder Landscape and Design Inc. is a local company with friendly professional people who do great work.

Getting Started

When you contact us, we’ll come to your place and look at your space, discuss design ideas, go over logistics, and quickly give you a competitive price for building or rebuilding your beautiful and functional outdoor living space.

Contact us today for a free estimate.

All-Pro Decking