We know there are a wide variety of decking materials available to you, and deciding which to use can be difficult. Budget is usually a big factor in this decision, so to help with your decision-making process, we’ve included base pricing for a few of our favorites.

The base prices listed below include:

  • Demolition, disposal, and recycling of your existing decking whenever possible
  • Our “better than new” treatment process, which protects your new deck frame from the elements
  • The materials and labor for the deck product that you choose

These prices are a tool for your convenience only, for comparing the costs of the different materials and getting a general idea of what your overall budget will need to be. Your final cost will generally be more, determined by factors specific to your project.

Estimated Base Pricing*

$16.75 per sq. ft.
$18.61 per sq. ft.

$16.67 per sq. ft.
$17.98 per sq. ft.

$18.77 per sq. ft.
$13.62 per sq. ft.

Not included in the base price are:

  • Materials and labor for framing that needs replacing due to rot or structural weakness; these costs vary from one deck to the next
  • Partial or full replacement of railings
  • Replacement of fascia and trim
  • Upgrades such as hidden fasteners or added lighting

Your final price will be determined by adding to the base price the cost of additional materials and our very reasonable hourly labor rate for any extra work involved.

The materials listed above are our recommendations. If you have a different material in mind, we will be happy to quote you a price using your chosen wood or composite product.

Price Too Steep?

We understand that this type of work is a sizeable investment, and while we do everything we can to give you great value for your money and offer flexible payment options, sometimes the price can really add up.

If saving a few hundred to over a thousand dollars is something that could make a difference for you, please consider having us do your project during the off-season. From December through mid-March our winter pricing is in effect, and will save you around 10% on your project. For more information, see our Winter Decking page.

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*Pricing is subject to change without notice.

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